cabdriver: lost love yeah right!

cab driver! lost love yeah right

yeah read

Now all know that me and preacherman is two person in one but both tried to be the best but both of us agree on this one right preacherman! YEAH ! she was a piece of cow doo doo! TELL the story cab driver: Well we was in between the love of our life crushing our heart to talking to the most popular girl in high school but it had a catch I was not`in school and she was popular in another way she was a undercover crack head but at the time I did not know she had a big but banging body and she was a red bone if you don’t know what a red bone is this is a black woman who is light skin and I have to give it to her she was a good looking girl! First I had her we got high we partied like it was no tomorrow I smoked weed and did cocaine and all was fine until preacherman ask her to marry him oh hell no the biggest mistake we ever made! OK peep this: I’m 30 miles at work and need a ride thinking my love of my nightmares was coming at 12:00 no one 1:00 no one called and no one 2:00 no one good thing one of the supervisor worked late and was going to darlington and I ask him to give me a ride home all the way home he is steady laughing and trying to throw hints about her but me with my slow self did not pay him any attention. But he was a good friend and to be real about it some how i wish she was gone why I was still in love with let’s call her Lillie mae  ok. But my love for her was so deep that I shot up the project with a sawed off shot gun and many doors was shot why her old boyfriend was in the house and I was out not because I did something wrong this is going to sound crazy but would you believe that for six years I was totally faithful to her and wanted to have a life with her but she left me for a boy who can break dance and softball games! My heart was broken so one up for mens we all is not cold hearted pieces of crap! And still was in love but when I met the crack head in my mind she would get jealous and see me with a red bone and come back to me but this never happen! SO back to hell we go with the crack head! Now as we get close to my house the supervisor said some thing now I understand but then I didn’t! HE SAID WITH A CHUCKLE MAKE SURE YOU GET TO WORK TONIGHT! AND YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR CAR! Now you ask your self why in the world would he say you can drive your car? So when he drop me off at the top of the road and would not take me home because he said he did not have time so I walked to my house it was lit up my car  was in the front drive so I ran to the door and bang on it all the voices I heard  just stopped and the running began I looked  on the side off my house and two men out the window in the woods and as I ran to see now three came out the front door now no way i could catch any off them why they had a big jump on me so now i’m at my back door mad as hell but this take the cake coming from down the road here come my wife and this is what she said the car won’t crank and I went to get help to crank it! Lie number 1. Lie number 2 .I asked what is all these men in my house? She said her brother had come by and he brought them! well where is your brother? Lie number 3.He went to get jumper cables. SO I go to my car and the car crank! Not i’m really piss now! Lie number 4. She said I never said it would not crank I said he went to cables so if the battery go dead we can crank it! The car had a bad skip to it now listen I am a good mechanic and you have to bring a car with our a real motor to stump me so I went to the car and put the spark plug wire on and the car ran fine! Lie number5.How the wire get off the car? Now this is the real deal she had plan to have a crack party and she did not want me to come home and find them why she was a undercover crack smoker! But every one knew but stupid me! I”M still trying to make the love I lost by being a good boy friend who had six years of faithfulness and what it got me a crackhead wife who lie,steal and cheat just to get a drug that kills you from within! No this is not funny but it is true my life is so screwed up that i’m still trying to find help! that’s why I blog to get it out of my mind! peace pastorsvoice>


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