preachman: smoking van

preacherman: smoking van!

Now cab driver you dick! You think you are the man! I MADE YOU! NEVER did you made me now I”M On TOP NOT YOU SIT Your punk butt back and listen! We had to go to hamlet N.C and back in that time all we had was a 83 Chevy van! this death trap was blue and white and had blue tint on the windows and the tint was the best thing on this van why because it hides you and no one know who is in there because this van smoked really bad when you stop at a light who ever is behind you was in trouble! Your car is covered with smoke and it didn’t matter if you roll your window up smoke will cover you! Now in Darlington the police they just looked and laugh! But fast forward to leaving first we stop to gas station in a cloud of smoke all these men getting out the van coughing and dress in suits! We embark on this poor station with smoke and pride! We fill up gas tank but that’s not the ticker went we brought oil it was scary four quarts of oil is you serious! It only take five quarts to change the oil! Now this was the starting point of the oil run in a blaze of smoke we was off got on 301 and let the smoking begin! If they needed a bug sprayer they had a free one man we smoked up that highway and when we got to Dillon the van started to knock! And I mean knocking so we stop and did not get gas but four more quarts of oil! Now knocking and smoking we were off again! Time as we got to whistle stop the cops was not laughing! Four deep roll on us now picture this 12 black men in suits in a blue and white smoking van! Did not go well in north carolina.These cop had guns out and made us all come out of the smoke like we just came out of a tar heel football tunnel but there was no field! Just cops and cars! The patrol came to the driver and said give me your licence and no smile! But that van was still smoking so one other patrol said will one of you turn that van off and we said it is off! That when the picking start! those cops started picking so bad that WE WISH THAT THEY GIVE US THE TICKET AND GO! But no we was the talk of the town two more highway patrol came and you would think that they will be professorial heck no they started to pick and said no way is we letting this van come threw town! Bypass need spraying picked one patrol! Now we all get back in the van and guess what we need more oil! So not only do we have to endure all eyes on us but these cops follow us to the store and wait! Now we is not only smoking on the road but we got these cops with lights and sirens scream! It was a blessing to have blue tint on the windows you can hide now you will think they will go on but no right up to the church! NOW All these people just stop and look like the cops was just saying to the church look at this! A trail of smoke that descent right to us and with a big ball of smoke 12 black men smelling like brunt oil get out. So many people laugh so hard we thought we was at a Richard Pryor show but these was church people and they did not care all threw church we was known as the 12 burnt holy rollers and to top it all off the van would not crank! Now if you think that church people is nice heck no they picked so hard that if I could I will just burn the whole town down! don’t go on a trip in a smoking van! peace pastorsvoice

my van smoked worst



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