Image                                                                                                   Cab driver: don’t get it twisted! Who is the man! Not preacherman! Three is weak I said: three boy you sick and your stories don’t compare to mine! So sit back and make sure you are not eating or drinking when you read this one. Why I don’t want you to get choke from laughing to much! JUST picture Six fat people in a five passenger car! Its 97 degrees no a/c in the cab now coming down US 151 no wind in site! The light turn red and that’s where the fun begins the lady in the front said oh oh I got to go! Now at this time she confirm that she had to go by letting one rip in the front seat right by me then look at me and said do you smell that and let out a laugh! Me trying to stay professional said I understand and hoped that the light change! But no that light took for ever and when it did change it was to late two of the ones in back started fussing about how much manners she did not have and right in the middle of 151 these two jump out to go in the field to fight!Now all is screaming and cussing each other out! Now I go to the side of the road to get the two back in the car and the farting lady lean over and said to me you smell good! Then the fat kid holla out the window Daddy mom-ma is flirting with the cab driver again! Now don’t get it twisted Push come to shove I can handle my self but now I had not one big person after me now she is looking at me saying what you think you are to good for me?I scream you are married to act like that was the only reason that I did not want you! Now you got mutt and jeff in the field beating the crap out of each other! mom and pa snuffle at the back of my cab pushing one other and me and this kid who started his mom and pa to fight now he is on the phone with his aunt! By now you would have think someone would have called the cops! But noooooo! Not a cop in sight! Now mom and pa is slapping each other mutt got jeff in a head lock on the ground and me and this kid who have tune all out and zone on the phone! Then the kid said “OK” I will tell them!Just like that ! Now me I’m so surprise that not one cop came not one even drove by! This kid bust out and said “AUNT JEAN SAID ARCHIE AND HIS FAMILY IS HERE WE BETTER HURRY UP! Like a bolt of lightning these four big behemoths made a b-line for my cab! Hell I lost it. BABY this is cab driver and I don’t take no mess! Heck I took my self put it in the driver’s seat and drove them fools to james paul drive! And said:FOR FOOD HELL NO! Now watching dirty mutt and jeff leave their sand and dirt in my cab! Moms winking at me dad pushing her out the car and the kid left me this: ‘How much do we owe you because we pay at the first of the month! Now about this time cab driver is totally piss! Why it is the 8th of the month so I had to wait until next month to get my money! Then I say to him on the first 50 dollars better be in my hand! And you know what this kid said “it don’t matter we never pay any way that why the other cab company stop riding us and they told us to call you because you would bring us home! And he jump his little fat but out my cab and laugh! Could not call cop because our rule is get your money before you leave! could not kick any one’s tail because there was more of them then it was of me and if they beat the hell out of each other what do you think that they would do to me? Now what do you do? Holla out the window as you drive out the yard in high speed Kiss MY Whole black ass! and the cab cut off! OH DIP! I’m trying to crank this cab and all these people who I just told to kiss my black ass is coming! PLEASE GIVE ME A BUTT KICKING MACHINE! BUT when they got to the car they said why you left we did not pay you here’s your money! Mutt said we heard what you said and that person on the phone must be mad huh? Boy talking about a ass saving line! These people was sure I told some one on the phone to kiss my ass when I was talking to them! moral to this is “Don’t write a check that you ass can’t cash! And believe me this was a check my ass could not cash! so funny! peace pastorsvoice! Leave a Reply


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