preacherman:oh no she did not sing that !

Preacherman:oh no she did not sing that!

Well that cab driver just got 7 views and 2 likes on bloggers hey i’m double him with this one how the 7 that read cab driver tell two of your fiends to view because they miss this! let’s flow! All that go to a church or seen a church service. To the people who really know how to sing big ups to ya! and to the people like me who know you can’t sing thanks for your realness! But to the ones that get on the radio, the microphone,the stage,in front of church,or in public this blog is for you!The setting a church in the south you know those woman who come from the south mostly can really blow that can put the oooh oooh and the well well well old my lord.And make your soul move you know make your liver miss and deliver and make your back spasms jump up and holla blow girl! But we are not talking about that one feel me? The one we are talking about: name = nyashia I guess this is the way you spell it why the names mothers and fathers give there poor children a name that Webster don’t list! Now peep this church is full upstairs and down all the bishops, elder and pastors in pulpit mothers and deacons all the members of the pulpit staff is up clapping at nickie see that is a name! But the MC had to go by the program! Man what a bad mistake! He Called nyashia you heard a chuckle! Now this should hint about what was about to come! Now as she walked you will hear little laughs and little voices saying words that you just could not make out! But by the looks on the faces of the girls that was sitting with her said don’t do that! But you know church people is always putting on a front! But this time and the only time the true feeling came out of them! She came up and she talked like an angel so sweet and so softly that you just know she was going to move the whole church over two inches! But when she open her mouth this was going to be bad! First you heard the mothers say lord have mercy and every church has one a woman who you call mother but she is not quite as holy as the rest and she busted out what the hell is that girl singing! Now about this time half of the church is try their damest not to laugh! NOW she grab the mic like she was lil’ kim and broke down in a move that did not match what was coming out her mouth now she hit a high note that did not fit her voice and the pulpit lost it! The mothers was saying why in the hell did they let her sing for! All the young kids was dyeing laughing But none of this phase nyashia she thought she was rockin the house when the house was so bust up laughing at how bad she sound and the freak came out of her when she got the mic she closed her eyes and went at it hard! But you know how them kind is: The only one who said she can sing was herself! No one else said that and when she walked off the stand one of the mothers said what the hell you was doing! and see said look! the pulpit was gone all who was acting like they was holy was saying what the f#*K don’t you get your non-singing ass on that stage no more! This was the best time to be a pastor! Why I got to see this first hand! peace pastorsvoice! Now you cab driver watch what you say because this is on!!!!!!!!!!!

because you can’t!



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