CAB DRIVER rumble on grove st.

Cab driver: Rumble on Grove st.

Well hold on to your seats this is a ride you won’t forget just to remind you this blog is 100% true! Last night it hot and raining! Not drinking weather at all. But you know how it is rain or shine some one will get a drink! Well the two people who is in this blog had no business fighting one had one leg he was 6 foot 7in and weigh about 270-275. And the other one was about 5 foot 3in.and weigh about 140-145. So they finished up drinking a 5th of E&J Rum.So heat and rum don’t mix! We will call one:”have mercy”and the other one:”kels”. Now “have mercy” only had one leg but he is a big black man who’s drank liquor like water! And kels drank heavy too! So mouths starts and the two liquor is talking.So kels being the hot head of the bunch he told” have mercy” keep talking and I will bust you in the head with this E&J bottle! So no one took kels serious out of the blue kels took that bottle and bust” have mercy” in the head! Now all is looking for blood because the bottle broke and all kels had in his hand was a small piece of bottle and no more! Listen there are two things you just don’t do! ONE hit a man in the head with a bottle who weights 270. TWO don’t take your shirt if the man cross from you weights 270 pounds! Now you would have thought getting hit in the head with a E&J bottle would at lease hurt,stop,or lay him out right! SO SO SO Wrong! This big black man stood up on that one leg and the wooden one was in front as a pole that you can spin on. And kels took of his shirt and you just known kels had some fire in him! but before you blink” have mercy” took those big dick beaters and grab kels and no matter how drunk you was you knew this was very bad! the first punch took kels lips and move them in two different direction! But kels got up why I don’t know! Heck lay down and act dead this is a really big man! But kels liquor told him to get up STOP! TO every man if your liquor tell you to get up you need to ask it why is i’m down here in the first place! SO he got up and “have mercy” did not live up to his name! NO MERCY should have been his name! He hit kels so hard the second time that both of his nipples on his chest can together and gave each other
a high five like they was home boys! Now if that was me I would have looked at “have mercy” and said thank you for moving my lips and letting my nipples touch for the first time.My bad you got your point across! Let me lay here until my breath come back OK. Thanks! But kels fooled him self again you know he got spunk! But spunk is not what he need! HE NEEDED SOME ONE ELSE BODY! WHY his was mess up in two punches.You remember rocky how you wanted him to get up! HECK This is not rocky we told him to stay down because “have mercy” was not mad he was laugh so hard it was scary! But bold stupidity must have been in Kels family this fool got up talking trash! Now is enough is enough? Now with a evil laugh he hit kels dead between the eyes! OK ITS OVER NOW RIGHT? DUH! MAN HECK NO! HAVE mercy give a kick with the pole and down he go! Now if you are in the back round smoking weed you are about to die laughing now! Every body just stopped! Even Kels stop talking! because he was threw! No fight was in him just mouth! We all look at him and ask MAN HOW BIG IS YOUR HEAD THAT A FIFTH OF E&J BOTTLE COULD NOT TAKE YOU DOWN
BUT THIS MAN IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND YOU MISS AND FALL? HE SAID MAN I’M DRUNK! Trust me no one picked at “have mercy” and for as kels well Thursday night I go to work we see! peace pastorsvoice!

have mercy please!



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