Image            Preacherman: round 1 HI Call me your eye in the day of truth! What’s up with this day.Every one say that i’m here for you! Word of the wise watch yourself because they say I’m your pastor or your leader please please be careful because this is why:{before I tell this story hold on to you seat this is crazy!}We all sitting in the pulpit and the bishop of the church that I was and a bishop of a church that was visiting us was just cursing and talking about how much the store was not making! So when it was time the visiting bishop got up and start doing his message.You would have thought you was at a singles bar this man was working the room and all was in dresses and some one was going to his room to night who was going?Well the next day we all was shock to hear he was busted when they came to clean the room! They found gin bottles bull cans bed been screw in! Now all the men in the church was so amaze how he worked the room and we just knew he had been with some of the sisters but we was so wrong!When he checked in all the deacons and the musicians all were men! NO woman been in the room! All they did is had a men orgy! How mess up that was. And the funny thing about it they preach against being gay! But all was so bi-sexual and so holy and do you know this whole church was and is one of the big places that everyone want to be seen coming out of this place! Now it got to be bad when you know that i’m one of the one who fell for the crap that they was putting out! So if you are looking for answers to life stop think that you can go to a man who was born just like you and is lost just like you.Word to the wise take my advice don’t be so easy to say yes when they ask you to join their church the people might turn out to be fake! And only take you money and your son booty! HE HE watch your daughters all you want to it’s your sons they are after! NOW GET MAD AND TELL ME HOW WRONG I’M AM! SO WHAT STOP LYING TO US ABOUT WHO THE HECK YOU ARE!YOU DICK! peace pastorsvoice Get piss my turn! Leave a Reply


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