Cab driver:dummy stick!

Cab Driver: Dummy stick!

Do you know what a dummy stick is? Let me tell you about the dummy stick! See you get this stick when you act like this: Some where there in your head of hair a piece or patch of blond or your whole head is blond.Two too much crack is smoke.Or too much Jim beam or any liquor that you can’t handle! For the brothers too much malt liquor.Three when you have so much book sense and no common sense. Four when all you talk about is the past and what you did and no one know what the heck you are talking about! Finally FIVE THIS IS ONE TO KNOW There is no pill for just plain stupidity! let see what i’m talking about:We will call the dumb stick Lil’ bee.Now Lil’ bee is a weed seller and smoker.This saying only comply when you sale hard or boy and girl! You know BOY Being crack cocaine. And girl being power cocaine and the saying is don’t get high on your own supply! But Lil’ bee was a weed seller he sold weed so he can get high! Why buy when you got your own supply! But this is where Lil”bee qualified as the dummy stick! How crazy is you when you sell weed smell like weed smoke weed but not only do you do all this but you got a big reefer plant on your head. In your ear on your shirt on your pants.Don’t call the cops because with all you do they might looking for you! See a crack head stole his money but he could not beat the crack head! Remember they took the wine-o spot.Now they started to be the new snatch-n-grab kids.So in the hole you are force to be hard to kick ass and then call names.But Lil” bee was no fighter no gun to scare any one and you is too lite for heavy weight work. SO The crack head is talking smack to Lil” bee so Lil”bee call the cops! Dumb move! In the hole you don’t call the cops because all is dirty! Even Lil”bee is dirty.So All in the hole when the police came.All started to give praise to Lil”bee for getting the cops to come to the hole and Lil” bee start basking in the props and for got who and what he was.So the cops thought that Lil” bee was prank calling them to show his boys what he can get away with! So stupid! I repeat So STUPID! Here with all this weed on you in you around you! Why WHY would you get caught in the hype of seeing the police there disco lights on there car to light up the dance floor where you and the cops do the dance you to prove i’m not high! But the cops to prove you are! Well Lil”bee did not have to worry about the dance.Because they took him straight to the DJ booth! And found all his goodies.And the crack head has strike again now they are moving to take over the world! What you need to know A crack head is more smarter then you think! EXAMPLE: THIS IS your TV why is Beanie the crack head selling it to you and you know its your TV. See how they out smart you make you pay twice for your own TV.NOW THATS SMART! peace pastorvoice>

the hole is on!


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