over weight! got a answer

Look all over the world many people has now a weight problem.We tend to over look the real reason why our weight is still pounds over! Most say you eat too much.Then some say it is what you eat.What if I say it don’t matter what you eat or don’t eat. Why because all the growth drugs they put in all meats all fruit all veggies. My proof they fat you up so they can sell more drugs! See we blame every thing but the right ones DRUGS COMPANY.See we have become a drug loving world legal and not legal watch this so many drugs run your life and you don’t know it. One pill to wake you up one to put you a sleep one to make you happy and one to make you sad need some bones we have that here take this pill.Moving too fast this pill will slow you down and if you are too slow here take this pill to speed you up.Pills will make you take a dump! Pill will stop you from taking a dump! Listen get off the drugs if you want to lose weight this is the best way.FIRST tie a rope too you car and then tie it to you and put you son who plays the music loud and he drive fast right there you will crap your pants look two pounds gone! No not that okay try this just stop eating all that drug fill food that is injected with that speed growth drugs that make a small chick be a chicken in a week! So what you thing why is we so fat all the drugs that you eat! Did not see that coming! peace pastorsvoice!


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