cab driver: a funeral in the hood

Cab driver:A Funeral in the hood!

This is a setting were I give respect to the dead! Because his living family has none! This blog take place at :A Funeral home / Church that’s right both are together.You can put them under and send them off at the same time get paid from both ends! Don’t like the sound of that but that’s true! They are making money on both ends.Look at this setting a mostly black and about four white people who is scare out of their wilts at what had unfold before our eyes.Heck I was afraid and i’m black ! NO this is not like a movie when a bunch of young hood bangers come in and all throw up hand signs.. It was a bunch of really drunk and don’t give a crap how i look or smell.Some came like they was in church this is where the shit hits the fan! Now you have a real church looking lady in a dress and a drunk in a suit.She is going though her church voice and this drunk is getting piss! In the middle of the amen he jumps up and run to the alter and slams his fist on it and say’s SHUT THE HELL UP I PAID FOR THIS
FUNERAL AND I SAY YOU ARE TALKING TO MUCH! But the lady don’t stop she just roll on! So he storm out now you just knew that now no more problem he gone and we go on right! NO he come back in and sit down you look for him to be the one who start it up again! Heck no the holy holy i’m in church lady look at the man and say if you look at me again it’s going to be some trouble now about this time me and the four white people was wondering what the heck we got our self’s into.This old butt church woman did not stop with just him she went to the young drunk who was the nephew of the dead man! Now it is on in this church / funeral home these people act like a plum fool in this place! Now me and the four
white people tried to get to an exit but we got cut off and at that moment it didn’t matter where there you was black or white we all was in trouble the most scary thing we all did not have to go far if we got killed! Remember church and funeral is together! Bad thing! But after
all the smoke settle we got out and I wrote about it! Never never got to any hood funeral they
act up and who you would not think will act up Jesus only yeah right all that say that you keep your eye on man! peace pastorsvoice!

a pastor with style!


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