cab driver blown away!

Cab driver blown away!

This is the first time I have ever heard and witness this ever happening! For real this is 100% true! To all that feel that I’m wrong for this blog well ok you are right but I must tell then you can get me ok? This is how true this is this happen last night!!!!! Got a call to go to pilot truck stop last night. Now all cab drivers know I mean know that this place is a hot spot for hookers and their pimp! Maybe where you at this may happen but here in Darlington no way! I pull up and this half crack head / singer/ con-man / clean to the teeth / pimp! He’s trying to get in my car and i’m saying oh no you don’t! So i kick him out and picked up a waitress who worked for the truck stop.As she got in she laugh and me with my big mouth ask what is so funny?TO: All my friends and reader get ready!She “said” I’m glad you kick him out the cops just chase him and his hooker girl away but he sneak back and they is looking for him! So to make matter worst I ask what he do? LEAN BACK NOW! She “said” his hooker girlfriend call the cops because he was making more money than she was! Now the first thing came to my mind he hit her and took her money! right? Wrong! wrong! wrong! this man who was the pimp change and start to turn tricks.That’s right “TRICKS” he told his hooker this is the way it’s done! For $5.00 dollars I”ll lick it! For $10.00 dollars I”ll hold it and lick it! Now how this hooker feel all the time she was get poke in all her holes blowing with all her talent now this pimp who slap her and took her money is now giving blow jobs to trucker and they wanted him more then her! Then he said for $ 20.00 dollars i’ll suck it and tickle the balls then he look at her and ask do you tickle the ball man they love that! STOP RIGHT THERE something is so wrong with this picture.this man stop kicking ass and now sucking nuts! And loving them nuts! So the hooker calls cops. Ok i’m lost a hooker calls for the same ones that just told her last week “You are going to jail! And you call them back again.Huh?what i miss? Wait it gets better she told the cops her pimp is sucking more cock then she was and he taking her money! WOW! A cock sucking pimp you figure! If it’s country dumb you in it’s capitol. DUMB AS A BRICK. Who can help a crack smoker mind? do you need to know happen next you put the ending and next blog will have them for you to read! let me hear from you! peace pastorvoice

hey pimp these nuts don’t suck alone!



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