“My Space” Alright !


Remember “My Space” some had one on line right? Some still have one right now on line right.
But we like the concept of “My space” mostly because it repentance something that is yours and only yours right?Them if by any chance it be your space then anything I want to do in it I can because its “My Space”. But man never realize the he owns nothing! Now I know we will have the proud ones or the smart ones that will oppose me on this one.But I welcome your opinion.ONLY fools will try to go against fact! LET”S SEE FACTS! Man came in this world by woman! RIGHT? Only one man came from dust! But the rest came from gut busting,hot moving earth changing SEX !!! ALL you knew that  when you took your first  breath something that you fear when you came in contact with that warm flesh that felt like yours! BAM ! it feels so good You just stop crying! THIS IS FOR THE SMART ONES WHO MISS IT ! You lost your space when you was born! IF mother’s womb had kept you then you could say “My Space”.But when you was born Life took space place! And the life you live is not yours neither.OK THIS IS FOR BOTH OF THEM AT THE TOP! If you don’t believe in god or do believe in him all what i’m about to say is not spirit but flesh! All your life you spend trying  to please  SOMEONE ELSE! Or trying not to. Your whole time in this world either you spend it trying to prove that you do care or that you don’t care so who Space is it now “My Space”! Some one some thing some place is in control now face facts you have no space you just use it until you time is up! HA HA HARD ANI”T IT!!DON”T CLAIM WHAT IS NOT YOURS YOU MIGHT LOSE IT! Peace pastorsvoice!!! AND YOU KNOW THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!


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