Who am i ?

who am i ?

Who what when where and why! is the five basics W’s of any story.So what is the basic for me or you? Everything is base on who we know ,what make up ours surrounding and what we be involved in. So why I hate but also love why be mad but then smile with so much happiness.Un move but yet so far, In but still out. Wanted and needed it still rejected and pushed away who and what I am? look like a man but feel like a woman Move in grace but stumbling all the time.So sure in what I’m doing but so lost on how it’s done.Skillful in giving advice but can’t figure out my own answers.All ways having alot but never enough to give.Alot of times I know me and you have felt the same so important but yet insignificant to the bone.So alive in my life but dead to my future! My name is HALF or 1/2 or 50 degrees in-between the middle mid age crisis that what they say half of a hundred is 50  half way right you know not young but not old. Now is the time in the blog that I say something smart or cute or very off the charts but not this time my end is this just be happy that you don’t know who I am! peace pastorsvoice!

which is you


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