happiness right!

happiness right!

To love to live to give to see to be to long all gone! What’s wrong? Try my best to be happy and bless but all I get is a bunch of mess.Who feel like I feel how to be real and fulfill a state of stand still. My face is place to the glass to see back in my past how in time happiness was mine you and me intertwine in a brace push up on me make my soul move you make me whole totally in control passion explode touch me tease me make me melt! Flesh to flesh into the night bang me bang me oh you are so tight! Wet wet is the spot under your back my hands got down to you hips with a kiss from my lips in the navel boy I hope you are able don’t stop now I’m about to go down.Down to the spot that I know will make you hot! Back pedaling in the bed telling me to stop not right now i”m in the G Spot!! Over and over we take our time hot sticky climatic feel you got yours and I got mines! Face to the glass looking in the past oh how I wish it will last! Let me smoke then right back to the task! to make you happy in one thing but to blow your mind is what my bed will bring. Call me you know the number when he leave that all that wetness will start all over! LET GET IT ON! HOT FREAKY SEX I”M ON ARE YOU ON? pastorsvoice **********

me you boo!

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