cab driver pain!

Cab driver PAIN!

This is hard for me to tell but to free my mind of this let me spill my soul! one late night we all sitting and frank was next in line to go on call but he was so sleepy that my good and true mentor “COOL BREEZE” said to him go ahead and sleep i’ll take this one now cool breeze just got off his other job and this was his first call he went to the sandbox to make a pick up right now I can hear his voice still on the radio saying mobile 11 is in route to Oates and that was the last time cool breeze was on the earth! He went and this is how it end! three young men got in his cab two in back and one in front cool breeze never saw it coming ! The one in back put a 357 magnum to the back of his head and boom! all his blood and brain went all over the driver side of his car this should have been the end but no! these three wasted fucks took his body and burn him not up just burn him and took his body like a leaf of a tobacco plant and put him in a bulk barn in a dirty piece of plastic and drove his cab to skating ring where they Bragg about how they is a cab driver with all his blood and brains all over the cab and all that night we call cool breeze and call no responds next night a lady calls the cab stand to say why don’t we come and get this cab because she was tried of hearing us call him on the radio and we need to get the cab out of her parking spot! Now this is in hartsville not in oates. This was the longest ride in my life fearing the worst but hope for the best is not what the end was my heart drop when I got in cool breeze cab blood and brains every where .This is a true blog R.I.P TO THE BREEZE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOUMUCH

miss you breeze


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