where is the wine-o?

Where is the wine-o?

Where you at? where you at? like the bison that roam the great land.Where you at that icon of all the major cities.That every motion picture off a time past you was the star! The only one that can clear a whole train with thy preset flow of air that flows by you.Man I remember in every stairway you will be like a strong reminder of what can be.You force people to give to you even when you are sleep.Hey people what happen to the neighborhood wine-o?You who lived in any major city me new jersey stayed in Gloria manners where each flight of stairs we had one just lying their with his bottle of wine not a good bottle of wine ripple or night train mad dog 20/20 Thunderbird just like the wine names is all about gone also the wine-o he is replace by the crack head .Poor wine-o no more sleeping in stairwells the more faster the more smarter the more bolder crack head has just bounce in and took over man they move so fast that the wine-o did not stand a chance don’t get all mad every family has one or two
but the wine-o what happen to you staple of the 70′s but the crackheads took over in the 80′s
so to a dying breed the is no more to the wine-o big ups! and you stink no really you stink
take a bath!

this is not my day!


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