intermission break now!

intermission break now!

You been in this funk for some time just can’t seem to shake the blues! here’s a cure for the funky way you feel when you is in a bad spot or things that just get you down or just make you feel bad! Back up stop and take a break tonight this is your night break away from the same life you lived all your life.Stress this will release it on the spot try it! go to you room look in your closet get two outfits one that you look your best in and one the you feel un-comfortable in.Now most will say put on your best no put on the outfit the take you out of the comfort zone and get busy to just forget all the bull crap that your life brings.Just smile and put that outfit on no not the best one wonder why the only way you knew it was the best one some one else told you.Right? Now the way you knew that it made you feel un-comfortable is you told yourself. True?Now it take some balls to do it why you have never did it before or it been a long long time.See this is your time no one else right now no problems,no pain,no frustration,no holds bared,you know see if you still got it go as far as your line between loose and horny or just a person who don’t need you to tell me how I look or how I feel lets do here and now and if there’s a later well if you don’t tell I won’t tell HE HE oh sorry! Try it and get back at me you know where.PEACE pastorsvoice

which way?



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