phase two cab driver life

PHASE TWO cab driver life

Sitting here listening to Lauryn Hill mood is good feeling like I need a laugh! lets flow riding down 403 T-vile hwy to flo- town oh’s you don’t understand ok t-vile is timmonsville to flo-town is Florence all s.c ok South Carolina trip is about $20.00 dollars good right? Never in the life of a cab driver but yours maybe but not mine.So riding along lets call my fare Marvin ok :he say’s Man those two who had me at shotgun point thought they did something when they rob me HA HA NOW LETS GO BACK A FEW! when i got to call when i pull up to brockington heights there was three men one had his hand up one had a pump 12 gauge and one was going threw pockets of the one with his hands up! took his belt took the $13.00 dollars out his pockets cigarette a little weed so my hopes was almost done but they let him go and he got in the cab and said drive so i got out of the heights but not far because you just got rob and have no money he laugh and said don’t worry just tell my wife what happen and your money is not a problem and he laugh so i chuckle too. Now back to highway I says why you say that Marvin? He says if you rob a man you suppose to rob him not just point a gun at him and take his belt! At this time i’m ready to put Marvin out he is crazy! but his wife sound like she got sense! So dumb me had to ask Marvin why you said that fool you was just rob what you want death? He said no “son” is you crazy ! Look this is why it did not matter that much and out of his top pocket he pulls out $2,500 and say these dumb country dicks don’t even know how to rob a man all they took was my belt my cigarette $13.00dollars oh my weed that kinda hurt about my weed! So because you did not trip out and stayed here’s a $100.00 and ride! now you say what funny about that?Nothing but 100 instead of 20 won’t you laugh? peace pastorvoice!


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