intro to a day of a taxidriver

These next blogs will be first true but funny as crap! So sit back get what you do to get in the reading mood and take a ride with the cab driver ready open your mind! Picture a cab a blue Oldsmobile 2000 is the year of taxicab a dark southern night cold you got two who just sneak out a warm motel room and jump in the back of cab and say take me to dovesville cab driver smile and reach for the heat because he could tell that the both of them just got out of shower so you don’t want them to be cold so you turn your heat on but there is no heat now two people in back cursing the cab driver out but they just don’t know that he is the only taxi on for that night so now you cold wet and have told that sorry cab driver off and call for another cab wait for 5 minutes and you see the same taxi pull up you flip out tell him to go and send another cab he drive off and you wait 10 minutes and low and behold the same cab come up now these two time has ended so they jump in the cab and say why is you keep coming back when we steady ask for another cab he said i’m the only cab and you owe me for three trips what do you do pay or stay? This is what happen they don’t pay nor did they stay why?The manger of the motel saw the cab and the dispatcher call him and said stop jacking my cab around so the motel manger calls the cops and the cops take both to jail because they both had bench warrants see stop giving the cab driver so much hell or the manger will send you to jail TOT TOT pastorvoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS to all my friends on google plus, facebook,twitter,and YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now pay or pay

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