analyze a lie!

Analyze a lie.

Listen this is a very touchy subject that all say they don’t do but one time or another where there you learn from it or not! Some made a life time at it {“Movie stars”} Some get paid for it {“weather men”} Some get power by it{“congress”}Some get happy by it{“men and women”} and Some get hurt by{“EVERYONE”}I know some got kick out by it{“1/3 of heaven”} It made one to die{“Jesus”} why oh why did not some thing analyze a lie? Innocent as it may be never the blame you see.This treacherousness entity has no face no certain style or grace.Sometime oh so bold but in a whisper it can be softly told! This thing will describe a person,place and thing just like a noun! But look closer now is it now? A lie is the truth with something added or something missing just like the original but is not sharp like a knife but in and instance change your life.A lie you can buy a lie but most come free if you need to analyze your next lie contact me @ feel free to try WHY because the VOICE is in the house! peace pastorsvoice.

all do both!





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