Preferred touch!

Stroke me up stroke me down grab a part of me and you can stroke it all a round. Man I like it the way you move stroke me ride me to the top stroke my parts and don’t you stop! Your touch and moves make my body sweat stroke me right and lets see how hard it get!Stop that you crazy free moving living flesh of pleasure. Oh my soul can’t take another pulse from your touch !How you make my bells ring.Ding Dong baby! Ding DONG.So exciting invigorating make me explode! Do your thing baby! No one do what you do when you do Awh! your are my boo! How you do the thing you do to make me say oooo! Who look you blow me the right way! And not the way it sounds! Really you know how to get down into me feeling a sense of eruption can not hold BOOM sentence overload! Now this is the time that make my day how you touch me and tell me to stay! Don’t move I got this! Rocking my world with just this A Preferred Touch  totally works for us HA HA YOU say I Wish? OK YOU TRY  AND SEE WHAT YOU GET??????????????????????????????????????????

PASTORVOICE                                                      PEACE:-#


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