Lets play!

let play!

Lets play this game called realities! Don’t like to play games? yeah right! Lets peep your hand right now!Most be playing and don’t know they is in the game! You know boy meets girl boy say’s i love you only and girl said’s you is my only love!OK that’s boring!Let’s spice it up!Look this game is played on you! You know your partner is a dog but you love your dog whether it male or female now days who can tell.Well anyway**This is what you are told “I WON’T DO IT AGAIN”! and because you trust them you give them another chance! Now you just entered in a game that you didn’t know you was playing!THE game {who fools who} now a dog is a dog and every dog has it’s day!Right?No wrong pain is not a game it’s for real!Heart broke,trust gone ,feelings in your throat but you play anyway! Most say i love my dog! and if i’m low rating the four leg-get kind sorry!But these are the two leg-get kind see the one you trust out of their friends is in on the game and watch how its played! First the one you say is your dog is what you call a neighborhood dog you and someone else and if they is a real dog the block will be hot!Now here’s you is smiling because the sex was great!Well tell me how they got so good! The block is hot! And you are left thinking I don’t want to loose them ! See you is in and don’t know it! Now this is the good part!The dog that help the other dog play the game on you catch feeling for you now this dog is in the game now!Two start playing the game but you is in love! I don’t have to tell you how it end just put your names in place of the dogs and you tell me!!LIKE MY GAME WANT TO PLAY? YOU DID YOU LIVED IT! peace pastorvoice


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