is my lights out?

Is my lights out?

Do you see how dark this life can be ?What it not dark in your life? Heck someone change my light! My bulb has been change. I had a 100 watt but now its read 40 many lows break you down then turn you in to a 40 watt bulb and then lights out! No don’t it make you feel that sometime when is my time to shine i wish life can be kind. Take my bulb and see how it feel.To know what hurt is step in someone shoes!On top life you say i got by the horns and i’m riding for the ride.But the path its takes really makes me face all the shame hurt and guilt or the put downs the let downs messing around is really bring me down why is i’m down who change my bulb?Happiness can i find how long will it be mine awh! another wasted sign to show me just how blind the ones you love be time after time! Now alone in this big home that make me wonder how can i go on! So you see what life hurt will be so we fake a smile create a style that fool peoples for miles and miles but we are still crush inside but our style hide it all the while now you want me to smile? this blog is inside and now its got clout. TO ALL THE READERS IS MY LIGHTS OUT? PEACE PASTORVOICE! 




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