classified ads are they a thing of the past?

Classified ads are they a thing of the past?

TO All that brought a news paper and went job hunting this blog is for you! See now if i want a job all i do is go on line and find one but there was a time when you spend 25 cents got a news paper and job hunting you went now to all that never did this you don’t know what you are missing! Let me create a day for you so you can get a sense of what a day of job hunting really is.picture a cool crisp morning mother has been on you for days and days saying these words{Get your lazy but up and get a job} how many time did i heard this you might not have had this problem but that you this is my day and my blog ok!You have $15.00 dollars in your pocket only 3/4 off of empty in your first car which by the way most kids did not have one yet! But you knew that you had already made plains to go somewhere totally different then JOB HUNTING! So to stop mother from talking you go and drive yourself to the nearest gas station and dig in your car for a quarter from your back seat! My friends changes that fell out their pocket.Get the news paper and go straight to the wanted ads and drive to one job and then go to friend house call the rest on phone stay at friend house all day planing the night not knowing that you got the job who you last call on the phone before you left your friend house. Now happy and lying you get home and say well mom’s been job hunting all day did what you ask now me and my friends is out for tonight yeah! then to your surprise mother say’s the job call you say what job the fish market say’s be there 4:30 in the morning now don’t you wish that classified was the thing of the past peace pastorvoice

help wanted fish cleaner


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