Why so pushy?

why so pushy?

Too slaps and a punch who are you feint try? Why so pushy?All the time you rate people below you to make your ego get a boost! Stop the press! time to handle this mess! To all that feel like me here’s your defense! First go in a slap-a-ton and if you are not the slapping kind well tell them this my smoke house don’t cure that kind of meat! Why are you still pushing that crap here! Ok i’m not the fool you left or the fool who fool you to act like a fool so you graduate the grade of  fools! Fool why are you asking all these question for when you don’t comprehend the words coming out your mouth not mouth because my words is on 9th grade but your are 4k or preschool all those four letters words and some three letter words that might be cute to say but coming out your mouth it is stupid ok did i say stupid I meant dum! See three letters to all that read and follow my blogs thanks and please use this to shut the mouth of those dicks that call them self a person! peace pastorvoice!! P.S if you feel that this blog need to be address, then read the rest:These are two reason to read this one because you need this! Two because fool i just got you see 4K to 9th grade ha ha ops! my bad!

Dont get your panties in a uproar !




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