a broke crack dealer!

Where I stay there is a crack dealer on every corner but this is the thing they are so broke because they spend all their money in malt liquor or gin just think of this they will spend most of their money getting drunk and then get rob by the stick up kids that has no money until the crack dealer get drunk! See i know when you think of a crack dealer you picture a person who is rolling in cash you know when they make those films all is big time in them. But when you come to the mean streets of Darlington S.C I’ll give you a more close place in the hole behind brockington project all you have is crack dealers but not one of them look like a nino brown in
new jack city or a scar face.No you got people who will risk all they have to get drunk wow! How dumb! They will roll on you like they got the world in there pocket but all they need is a drank.Man these is the most stupid men I have ever seen.Never ride them in a taxi oh how I know I”m a cab driver who see these dead beats each day never will they pay full price all ways want a hookup will i’ll hook them up I give the a job app. and they get mad at me but i laugh! that’s why when i stop at a store I ask for a job app. so I can give it to my next crack dealer that don’t have all my cab fare!P,S get your name off your back then you won’t ask how the cops know my name? See crack is wack but liquor is quicker! DUMMY peace pastorvoice.

see crack makes you smart


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