blown chance!

blown chance

all had one of these once awhile when you know that it will work out right but somehow you miss it or you talk to much or just did something so stupid that even you said ok I know I blew it!Now this is for the ladies.You gave him chance after chance and he still miss the mark or don’t just understand that this is the moment that he can make you smile.So many men don’t get it. They try to act like they know so much but in reality they don’t have a clue on how you feel or what you need.Example:You just feel like you want to just be hold you get under him and he say’s what are you under me for?Something go wrong in your day you want to talk about it you tell him he start accusing you like it your fault.And you will say why did I open my mouth! A man will never get it unless you spell it out for him.The only time he is worry about a blown chance is when he miss a booty call now he is piss.or marry ladies if you want to see just how many blown chances your man have lost next time you call his friend and his boy say he is not here.Now when your man get home he has the best opportunity to tell the truth why is he still saying I was at my boy house! HE HE pastors voice!

hey don’t blow this



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