mind or matter

mind or matter

50 degrees lukewarm?

Mind in mind time in time fine as wine now you are messing with my mind! See this point what is 50 degrees hot or cold man will never know! So matter or does it really matter listen and be kind mind in mind is motivate to all this out dated style and all the while we went mile after mile riding the deep feeling the split or drift the move never ever liking to my mind your time thinking in line with all that is not a crime to get out the box why not? Tease me please me what is 50 degrees cold or hot the truth is about what comes out of you mouth incline levels in what ever your space is or place is to taste what it mean to be half full or half empty is 50 degrees no measurement of hot or cold because its in the state where we all like to be in the middle or neutral to hate but yet love to live but still dyeing every moment of our life but yet alive still twisting and twisting into matter that don’t consume us but in the same token shape my mind into matter or state of mind do you get it this time or is the mind of the preacher still don’t make sense?Well some times i’m told that a strong present will cause tension in the place if its hard to deal with a mind that can be real to state its fate in this collision or prison of will in a fight of mind or matter !”SHATTER” and break take take take but my mind you will never degrade because you need to peep this{ They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drank. TRUE FACT! But this is the mind of the preacher!!!{No I might can’t make him drank but if I ride him long enough he will get thirsty!}NOW DRANK LITTLE HORSEY YOU ARE AT THE WATER AND THEY SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE. OK. Peace Pastor’s voice!


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