who’s the bitch now!

Who’s the bitch now!

This is a word that in no reason should be used! Men always used this word to make someone fell less than a person! THE definition of this word is a” female dog,wolf,otter or fox! Well lets get straight about this! Now most people use it for a joke. You women call each other this word in a phase that you think it make you feel like you don’t take no mess but this is mess! Men say they call you this because you act like one! Which one do she act like the dog ,the fox,the wolf oh it’s the otter! Now only its a real joke that one will say this to a woman or a man.But its done on a every day basic no one realize that this is a word that causes insult to a family! Why because you are were you come from and that is not a statement it is a FACT! Look at who you hang with and see if you don’t fit the
the element that is need to make all of you friends!Go ahead say I agree if not then
this is why they call you that because you like it. When he or she calls you that you think that they love me.To all that is tired of being call this here is your catch22
just read my picture at bottom and stop the hurt that this word is doing!

see why its not good!


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