Kill Shot Kill …

ImageKill Shot Kill shot is when you have a more than likely chance of not making it or done for finish See life or existence or just being here always have you in its cross hairs and just as you may think that you know what the out come is it takes it shot and kills all the progress that you fought so hard to get.But now that you have settle down and think you have nothing left to loose again right is the gut with another shot why oh why in the world is this happening to me especially when things were going so well. Time and place always will take a shot at you but to full fill what lies ahead you first have finish all the mess and hurt and pain you have cause and put a closure on the people that you have putted the kill shot on and took them OUT! Oh! Why is’ out’ capitalize to draw you out and show that if you kill then look to be kill that’s all in a nut shell like it or not some times we need to think about all the hurt we cause to other people and not why they are hurting me! Because what comes around go around now you can get you bucket because huckleberries is in season! so pick me! ha ha ha ha in your face with peace pastorvoice! surprise is a shot worth taking! 


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