off the grid!

off the grid!

Well my time to get completely off this grid! What grid?My life grid. lets flow! Why highlight my life make all my stride to glide in to where you at. On this ball of dirt that we call earth most in never begin to feel how deep my fears bring tears but in these years most light in my heart is just a mere faint pulse of passion that is my distraction and call to action this deep passion to get the hell off the grid!Stop and hold and see how life grid shape and mole you to feel no pity for those that life feels do not fit to get what is the best that the rest enjoy and express.In the life i’m in only get all the mess and have to pass all life test just to feel like i’m bless! My place is where?By me running where is all my dues.What i put in now i’m off the grid again! Over and over where are my friends?Forget it i’m alone again off the grid do my bid what do i have to give my life to what is right dream about that tonight when your heart is right.Off the grid i can’t this is my life! peace pastorvoice!

miles of connection


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