lost booty Sorr…

Imagelost booty Sorry to all that follow me on my blog page each day.Been trying to get stuff together to move so all my time was spent outside the house.So i brought a phone and hoped that this would solve my troubles but it did not help! I know you didn’t think that you was free of me not that easy! My point today is Lost Booty yes lost booty! AT one time i would say only men know what i’m talking about but now women too know about lost booty! This is the piece that you had in your hand and lost! Oooh! now the booty is gone! You spend time in your mind saying man i lost some booty! And now all in your mind you are wondering why?You said i had the booty but man i lost it! Did not get chance to smell it on my finger did not hold it or squeeze it.Did not see the shape of it butt naked or how soft it is in my hands! Boy all the good good is lost.Women you have the power to shape this world just use your booties to handle most men just act like them and see how much fun you can have by watching them wonder what the heck is happening to me! And for the men you can’t control with your booties become their bff and get them some bird too because most men if the get drunk enough they will screw anything that move! power to the V or power to your booty! lost booty


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