shout out!

shout out!

On the Radio station you give a shout out! To friends,to your crew,to the haters,and family Me the Preacher sounds good for the first time i’ll really have embrace the fact that i’m a preacher!Not only of the gospel but also of a good life here on this earth.I must give this to a person who I know but you might not know or if you do know you won’t know!let’s call her the Queen something was posted and I read it and it gave me a lift in my spirit and compel me to blog about freedom!Mine and yours! listen a great writer said “my people parish for the lack of knowledge”.Real truth we go threw life like we know what we are doing but at most of the time we take chances over and over not knowing the out come.But this is the most important thing to shoutout about.We as a race of people need to be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge we can.WHY? because we lack to realize that no one owe you anything nothing is giving without a price blood,sweat and many many,tears!Let be real every one like a break or discount!But we have down graded ours self’s by all ways wanting a hook up!To used that crap that I don’t care about my brothers! OK my brothers here is a hook up pay for what you want and stop looking for a hook up tote your on weight and bring us back from the endanger species list!A strong black man is hard to find!So the one’s who are left let’s be a role model no more then that be a person that will face their responsibly and stop running away!MY heart go out to all my queens!


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