For real?

For real is a statement that may be notice watch how for real really works.{ My dog is blue” for real’? Your game is tight you miss your wife yes i seen her last night with your man mike who made her like to think she was right so he can poke her with all his might he said she smell really ripe because no water came out the pipe so all she did is wipe! is that why you want to fight? this dude name mike.No No don’t be leave all this hype that this dude name mike had your wife and he was poking her all night hey is that right?Say what who went where is all this for real? Tell me the real deal look mc kinght this story is right because all these peoples rode with me last night now see just how much you is like because now your name came up in the flight of my man’s wife who was with mike who laid pipe now he smell ripe what a mess up life and this flow is tight to kill man is you for real? TRUE OR NOT WELL this is all you got for real is really hot! peace pastorvoice.


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