bleu cheese people

bleu cheese people!

time after time after time your attitude stink! lets call it bleu cheese on your plate! OR this is your mate who takes him self to be better than any one else! Mind that we both have life, health,and strength! and both have most things in common with each other but for some reason he is better than me! When did me and you complete a race forum to say i’m the best.” why?” should any one think that they are better that the rest! lets take a poll.OR better yet watch this if you fall in any of these word statement guess what you is just like me trying to make it but having a hard time in making it happen! you in the morning fart when you sit on toilet?
2.if you don’t wash your feet will they stank? you try to kiss when you just wake up and you breath is kicking?
4.if your mother in law come to your house and call you a no good bleu cheese smelling man would you put boot to butt?
5.just shoot your self in the foot and if it bleed and hurt tell me what you think your blood is?
if any of these five question found you then guess what we are a like so how is you better then me? this is to all the bleu cheese people! peace pastorvoice

check your feet


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