a real mess!

a real mess!

When you look at the world our life is a real mess! Everyone look at the music world and try to be like what they see but never realize that they can not sing! most rappers has a good rhyming flow and the beats is banging!But put them on stage live they stink real bad.And the song on the record that the DJ is playing who is in the back that should really get all the praise get none. The rapper get out of breath from smoking all the weed and doing all that blow drinking all that spirits water sound nothing like what you paid for you look to hear the song you love not a very bad drunk version of a song that sound really bad and if the DJ did not turn up the record that is spinning on his turntables you want to get on stage and kick the rapper ass and get your money back because his show suck! Go to a Eagles show and just listen how it’s done! go to a Usher show and see how it’s done! but go to lil-Wayne show and get your gun and shoot that mic out his hand and tell him to sing you tattoo piece of sperm that the ground just miss! Bring back the singer that has a real voice not a machine that make you sound good! Go back to high school choir and learn some notes! HERE A NOTE YOU SUCK!


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