let’s dance

baddate2let’s dance

Disco is dead so is a club that you go to a girl and just say can we dance. Now-days
in the club you don’t ask no more you just start dancing it don’t matter if you are dancing by your self! This is something to flow on check this out!Party party party all night long never really realizing who you are taken home! Man or woman you just don’t know one more drank and now they start to glow.Man they look good as the night ways on just another drink and they may not make it home my place or yours? In the car on the bathroom floor buy a room man you can get more we swap body fluids
just a kiss will do hey you are my girl why you smell like a dude but in the face man you are fine one more drank then I know you are mines go to my car or in the back of yours all clothes goes off now this is the dance I have been looking for is i’m drunk or thats a lump in front but now it’s gone things getting hot let’s do more you on me and i’m on you look in the mirror OOOOOOOOOOOH DOG IT”S A DUDE! HE HE HE LETS DANCE LAST CHANCE?


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