in the mind of the preacher!

In the mind of the preacher

Most people when you say,”Preacher” they all ready has an image of how , what,
why and who I should be with out me having and say so in it.But this preacher is not call to fit your ideal of what your everyday pulpit preacher should be! FIRST the HOW is so many but here are a few{How i look because your preacher and the millions of other ones you see on TV look this way.Second is what{YOU have your own what on what i should say or not what is your image is of a preacher or what should he or she be! Third is the why {Why is a real good one why should I act this way or that way why should I say this or not and the Fourth is the Who { who I don’t act like or who act more like this then me and who i need to be. This Part Comes With A Warning!!!!!!!!!
You may get the gentle ears one away from you or better yet don’t let them read this! All in a nut shell ### How can you tell me how to swim when you don’t have any experiences in swimming!Never been or never ever will be a preacher but most have wrote a book on the who,what,why,how too be a preacher!WELL I can give a rats nuts on how you may judge me or do you fell where-there i’m real in your eyes sight or not! Just because I don’t look or act like all those people who take all your money spit you a few good lines and sleep with your wife and your sons and daughters, husbands ride in jets and never have to wear the same pair off tighties whiteies that I call drawers! and don’t give a fly flip of who you are but don’t forget to give that tithes envelope that you give every sunday morning to make you feel like you did so much! Or lord I gave so now its your turn!Sorry to defile your so clean life but stop lying to me and every one else that you know how a preacher supposed to be man your don’t have a clue all you got is feeling and opinions and all have one of those that is how we take a crap in the morning we use you feeling and opinions and wipe it with your judgement!

is this heaven



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