get paid!

get paid!

All your life you want to get paid for what you do.Paper rules our life see the old mighty dollar got to have it! The more you make the more it take.Dollar bill ya! BIG faces $100,$50,20,Why not 10′s and 5′s they have big faces on them too! but they don’t count as big faces they just money! Make it rain in the club with quarters throw them up and knock them dead better yet take a roll of pennies and bust the dj in the face and tell him big faces in the house! Give a stripper in her g-string a role of nickels and see if she can get on the pole no not dollars because that to light and it to is not a big face! You call a stack $1000.00 dollars here’s my stack get 50′scents pieces stack them in a pile ask a rapper can you move this stack make my block hot throw brass coins in the air they are dollars too sell what you want but here’s a tip====get paid with a check better yet a card then if they steal it you won’t loose your cash!Image


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