New or OLD ?

new or old ?

New year old year well here’s my take on this 12:00 o:clock is it new year or still the old year?Most will say its a new day but if you go back before our king Constantine made all the changes he wanted to when it started morning or daybreak start the day and sun down ends the day so what you say?12:00 starts or end ? See 12:00 am they say starts a day but 12:00 p.m don’t end any day.So happy new year! When Do your year began?12:00 a.m ! Well you said this start a new day then why do you go to bed and not on your way for the day.but when the sun come up you start your day! Choice if you pick 12:00 am or the sun my point is we don’t know nothing but what we are told and mold and some get sold on all the cold lies that makes us not new or old peace pastorsvoice!Image


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