off my chest 1 A daughter’s point of view

Off My Chest 1 a Daughter’s point of view

Somethings just cant stay on your chest, i guess we know this and in high school life was like sniffing boxes of roses completely ignoring the problems but we knew they were there and often the only thing we worried about was what we’re going to wear but then you wonder why your parents so stressed because they got bills you gotta eat and they’re trying to give you the best, its not only you your brothers and sisters too but your not the one to pry and often your the one to cry no one knows the dreams i have at night how i dream of better days to come, their so big they give me a fright but i know its reality i can put my parents in a nice house no worries no problems little sister in school math work she’ll solve’em my thoughts are every where but they work they’re way down to my chest, in my chest i have to get this off my HEART.

a daughter’s point of view


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