poor man destiny

All in this world you think that you know how hard it is.But you don’t know! Here’s a look in a poor’s man life in the south! Tonight no rhymes just strait words with truth!
How would you feel here on Christmas eve you look your child in the eye and say you won’t have nothing for Christmas! For all of you who have a good bank account it’s easy to say will she just have to wait! Or she have to understand! Well what about if check is spent out to bills and trying to stay in a rented house that at any time you and your wife two kids got to go!Yes it’s easy to say Merry Christmas when you have! But when you don’t have how merry is it to wake up and still don’t have.Or you should be grateful to be alive?Why because the life that you live will still rape you each day with no mercy and no justice! and no one cares! Set up to fail thats my destiny! And you can come with all the words you want! But in the end you will still sit in your nice house having a warm good Christmas!And we will still be waiting on a check that we know we won’t get not one red nickel out of just to keep a place to call home! peace!

this is real {ME}


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