cosmos3post 66 real spit!

I hate the hustle because it has no future no promise no freedom but I have no choice! just trying to just survive. I know how much you like to judge a preacher and you all say you have back slide on your faith!Let me deliver! You basically is what your leader say but what if I show you a better way to help you to get what you can’t comprehend Jesus called you because of what you have to offer why is it when you got save you became a molded christian not a saint for Christ! See Jesus never said the way to me is your way he told his followers if they are not against me then they are for me. My methods you might not agree! but in Rome do as the Romans. Not in their custom but in their way to get thing to agree! Oneness right! OK get this when you get in a church you become what your pastor is! Well if that’s good if that’s your way! But my way is clear I must help people who your holy-er than thou way some one got to get in the ditch but your church and faith would never let you get your hands dirty!But i can because what ever I become or what you may think my road is to do my job and if some don’t like the way of this preacher!Well keep on judging and i’ll keep writing and see you in heaven because one way or another we both will be there just one won’t stay! see ya soon!Oh P.S MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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