intimidation stop the madness

Lots of the time I stay not on side per-say but on this one I do draw the line. True piece here.One day a man came home looked on the lap top and seen his phone pictures.But before you say so what! See his phone had already been stolen.Most don’t think this should piss him off but to be intimidated! On his Google + page with no phone but your phone post a picture! People in this day fell if they be brass or act like they don’t care most would be afraid of them. Listen stop fooling your self! Many is not taking this bull no more!Wait don’t think it’s the 80′s hey its 2011 in few 1 and 2.Look all is being said is this>[wack to my tick tac get bold you get back round and round we go this year we take no moe .Stop the madness a’ bully’ man i had it!See don’t live by rules, That’s is made just for you. See to be a bully now you meet you defeat!

just piss off


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