straight off the top

straight off the top

Seeing that my 40 years plus 8 get full of highs and lows I feel like my time is up;But I have just started!” A glass” most will say a glass half full of water which would you say half full or half empty? OK this is what I say{WHO CARE! Let me drank my drank} let’s
go:Off the top you must forgot i’m not the person who not stop until we got my right to spit this blog tonight! Who me? Set your meter how high can you get?straight of the top! Who I think NOT!Let’s roll to see how much can we do with half full or empty! Its glass that has drink in it if you are thirsty we drank! they stank if you don’t wash your baby it will be rank not how high or low I mean# Man change that baby! this is real life. like it or not free choice is why we is in the mess we are in now! ready? The wrong ones!

first world then you!

first the world then you next


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