up in a toke

IN the sixties it was toke toke pass pass most smoke and that no joke but now the look down on a weed smoker.Well here’s a word for all you HATERS that drink or don’t drink. Take pills to sleep to eat to wake up to loose weight or what ever flow your boat!
Lets flow: love this! Puff one puff two now where are you? in a daze feeling blaze moving in and out your brain maze how amaze is your phrase in these days! Burn good burn slow keep burning give me more late night jackpot in site your last $100.00 dollars for tonight if you gamble this would be bad but you are smoking and all you need is a $40.00 dollar bag and still $60.00 in stash.But most will say man weed is bad. You need to just ask your mon and dad! Most people once in life we tried this high. but drank and pill pop or sniff to get off but this is my point! do you or don’t you care? That weed never went anywhere!SO to all that hate weed and weed smokers. Guess what they don’t like you either! HA HA Word of a preacher peace pastorsvoice!


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