Weight the out come! Who wins? Most get cocky. And say “I beat hate all the time!”Watch out for that lighting bolt! Question? How can you beat what you can’t see! You feel hate you only see the reaction when hate is at work. Hate is all around you but you say you beat hate let’s see ! You hate your eyes you change them! You hate your hair you cut ,dye or buy! Everything about you you hate! May I go on! Hate your job hate your car hate your friend.Oh my god hate is about to win! Hate your last girlfriend and her mother to if hate is strong enough you just might hate you! Take your life divorce your wife hate has taken your rights! Stop and hear this is the end of the year! Still say on this very day that you beat hate! HECK NO JUST YOUR MISTAKE! peace pastorvoice feel me?

hate wins you lose


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