free flowing!

free flowing

Lets flow:this blog is not for this season so if you are looking for ho ho you wiil get a most stern no no no!Come’on lets go! In this time the river of words flow thru my mind oh how blind these words clogs my time to push these rhymes so free and smooth line by line if me as the voice and you make a choice viewers get moist all hope is hoist beyond the ridge of the canyon of water that flow in your mind! Reach beyond the break and take the gate that all ways make us say what is at stake?To move in your face to put you in place then watch you race to try to get in grace by being soooo like a flake so just so FAKE! See how it be if words can move you groove you or to tell you that this is the season is about being for real are you here’s a test! Who is you for real? Bet even you don’t know next blog will find you! get that! peace pastorsvoice

flow like me


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