ho-ho anger now page4

IN THIS BLOG THEY SAY WHEN YOU USE CAP’S LETTERS YOU PISS! 1 WAS CONFUSION: 2 WAS TENSION:3 WAS ROAD TRIP OR STRESS RELIEF BUT THIS IS ANGER PAGE 4:All the time you try your best to make people accept you and just be a friend not the sleeping with ones friends type! Not my point. Here’s my point:you try your very hardest to do thing right. But they all way feel that you is out to do something to them or lying to them or just out not real good enough for there crowd but in all breath you are my friend! I say this reply catch it here it comes:MOOSE’S NUTS!! How the heck is me and you friends? Oh my vulnerability make me want friends but my reality is that i just don’t fit in ! My bloggers page should read one who see that life give you a lot of MOOSE”S NUTS and COW”S BUTTS so where’s the beef?Not only at Wendy’s! But in the many people who we calls FRIENDS! peace pastorsvoice

friends yeah me keep trying


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