tension in this dimension

tension in this dimension page 2

Week in,Week out the same thing you piss your partner piss every one piss! I”M on egg shells you on egg shells no talk no touch no happiness!Well here is a free past to get past page 1&2! First be real.Stop saying what you think will get you out! Wake up you was never in! Why should you be in trouble for who you are or what you feel? If you is wrong for what you feel then the feeling is wrong not you! So what my feeling is wrong remember the one your feeling said we will be together for ever! BUT it lasted not a week! see tension in this dimension is our own goals we try to be what we are not!Well I feel that you never force what you believe on someone else!So if you read this use it to your own faith:Psalm 131{ in short}says:neither do I exercise myself in great matters or things to high for me!{REMEMBER THE ONE WHO YOU SAID THIS IS FOREVER!}Time is not your and it’s not on your side so stop tension in the dimension! peace pastorsvoice///

break the tension


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