ball of confusions

balls of confusions

To: Reader
From :  Pastorsvoice
Page 1:
To my delight I have looked inside and this is what I see{“pushing and tugging on my most inner response just to see if my life was worth a crap!Maybe i’m hard on myself, aren’t most people?This confuse’s` me listen::Over and over do i go wondering why no matter how hard I try all my progress has so far left me not full fill.Trying to be the person to fit in the scheme of life but what is my life?Four Kids one wife two dogs and two goldfishes!Two sons gone and two girls still home but life goes on!How would you feel if it seem like all you do still is not enough!But you go in life with out any tools or knowledge of what the right tool to use? Ball of confusions in my brain and no matter how much you may say I got it >YOU DON”T DO ANY READERS FELL THE SAME? pastorsvoice

emotion of me


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